Is It Better To Be Lonely or Have A Bad Friend?

I remember the day; it was a chilly spring day in the late afternoon. I was waiting for my friend, Layla. I hadn’t seen her in about three weeks since I separated from my partner, John, and moved out. I continue reading...

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Blog Thumnbail


I remember the first time I took part in one the many corporate-funded events commonly hosted during Stampede, "The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" best known for its rodeo and chuck-wagon races, artery-clogging deep-fried foods, concerts, Daisy Duke and bustiere continue reading...


Unexpected Pressures of Relocating When You Are Single

Relocating for a new job can be difficult enough, but when you’re single and alone it can come with many more challenges.

As I know from firsthand experience, moving to a new city or country can be very exciting. The thought continue reading...

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