The creators of Dame Drum: two great friends

Shortly after relocating with my husband to The Netherlands our relationship ended. As we finalized our separation I found a small apartment in a different area of the city and started anew.

Within a week I was in my new apartment. I was happy for my freedom, except I had no one to share it with. As I sat at one of the picture windows that overlooked the unique and vibrant area I had just moved to, I wished I had someone to explore it with. I did not. My first thought was to try online dating, but I was not ready. It was then the idea came to me. Why wasn ’t there a site for women to connect? Not groups of women, like other social networking sites I had already participated in, but a place to find friends, friends in which you have something in common with. From there the concept for the Dame Drum was born.

I am a creative person, a published author to be exact. Starting an ecommerce business was overwhelming to me. Still, I could not let the idea go. It was then, my friend Anna came to mind. Anna, who also understood the challenges of relocating to a new city and making new friends, was the perfect person to pitch my idea to. As she listened to my idea over Skype, she smiled. After a moment of silence, she laughed and said, “well, that is quite an idea”. A relief to me knowing she has the business acumen to assist. Together, with our different point of views and unique creativity, the Dame Drum came to life.

A friend once said,“when I look back through old photos I find my happiest moments are always with my girl friends”. I couldn ’t have agreed more as I ’m always smiling in these photos as well. With that said, I urge you to take a moment, create a profile and meet new friends with similar interests within your area.

Marnie Mercier
Co-Founder, The Dame Drum

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